How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

27 July 2007

Just when you thought your stash was about to be busted

Interweave Knits sent me the preview of the fall issue. Sigh. I am just going to have to make this. I must have it. It is just what I would wear. Oh, dear, WEBS has a grab bag for the yarn (Tahki Bunny). 10 skeins to make my size, and what do you know? There is a 10 skein grab bag for about half the price it would be normally. I just have to call tomorrow and make sure I can get 10 of a single color, make sure the color is one I'd want to wear, and away we go. I have been thinking about this for all of fifteen minutes, and I already have this planned. I'm going to have to shop around the WEBS site for a bit and write up a larger order. Am I crazy, or does it seem like a lot to ask for them to give me a completely matched "grab bag" of a color I selected? Doesn't that technically defy the definition of "grab bag"? So, I think that if I have a pile of other stuff to order, it might sweeten the deal a bit, or at least make it seem like I am not a completely selfish woman who expects the world to bend over backwards for her, what with dismissing the idea of a grab bag and all. Maybe I am too neurotic for this sort of thing.
The cardigan for my nephew is trucking along nicely, now that I finished the Harry Potter. The second sleeve is about halfway done on the double points, just need to transfer the body back to the needles, work it down, and do a button band after that. And voila! A well-dressed nephew. No pics, because I hate the way anything looks with DPNs in it. It makes my charming nephew's little sleeve look like something out of the Blair Witch Project. Maybe this explains my distaste for knitting socks (and still, I keep buying sock yarn.), although...
I did just receive a giant shipment of books from Knit Picks, one of which is the Cat Bordhi two-circular sock book, so I will be practicing that sometime soon. If you haven't seen the sale, and I hope for you that it's still on, check it out. I got three EZ books (I had not yet had the pleasure), as well as a top-down sweater book I'm not overly fond of, and something called Selbuvotter, which is really interesting, all about the two-color mittens including some history, as well as patterns for making them your very own. Not much use in Florida, but you never know who will need mittens, or where or when you may travel. Lovely. I am such a book ho. But the sale is something like 40% off, so it's really just intelligent shopping, right?
I need to go work out some more stash and make room for the Tahki Bunny now. I was being so good about working from the stash. Don't judge me. I really do need to have that sweater. It's the first time I have fallen for a pattern because I wanted to wear it, not because I wanted to knit it. So, really, this is a growing experience, right? Product versus process knitting for a change? How can anyone expect me to develop more fully as a human being without that sweater?

22 July 2007

Gone out! Back at Page 759.

This blog is to be temporarily suspended due to release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. All knitting, housework, blogging and laundry to be resumed after full absorption of 759 pages of wizarding adventures. Eating to be permitted at regular intervals, as well as the production of more coffee. All other activities suspended.

The Midnight Magic party at the local Barnes and Noble:

The slightly harried girl at the cash wrap gives me my precious:

And then you wait for me to come back. I promise, no spoilers.

20 July 2007


Headline News is done.
And here's a shot of the cabling.

What a fun and quick project. And the Blue Sky Alpacas is some great stuff. If only it weren't July in Florida... I could actually wear it out.

Anyone remember me talking about the Big Green Sweater Shrug Monster Thing? Here it is.

That odd looking bulge on the front there is my other arm, crossed over the front of my body. This thing is for private use only, when the air conditioning is too much for my shoulders. Just what I wanted and needed. And yes, I know it's funny looking.

Oh, and then there are these coasters out of One Skein Wonders. I wired the beaded charms myself, using about half the suggested amount of charms, and converted the knitting to stockinette. Garter just wasn't what I wanted. They go great with my new bedroom furniture.

What else? I am designing a raglan cardigan for my new nephew; I'll post pictures when there's something to see. But it looks like it will be so preppy and super cute. Gotta find some decent buttons for the sucker, though.

Going to the Midnight Magic party at the Barnes and Noble tonight, for the release of the last Harry Potter book. Yoshi's really looking forward to it (sarcasm noted, anyone?). Should be a great photo op if nothing else. Oh, yeah, and I'll get that new book...

08 July 2007

Blue Skies and Lotus Blossoms

So, I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank.

Please pardon the bathroom photo shoot; I am sure the IK model never has to deal with this sort of thing.

Yes, it fits. I was a bit worried about the stockinette curl, especially along the square neckline (which really wanted to reveal more than I was willing for a moment there), but after two rounds of blocking, a bit of steam iron, and just a touch of starch, I am proud to say that this top lasted through a dinner out with an old friend, and is continuing to do so as I write this, with no signs of sag in my bustial area. Of course, I am wearing the most padded bra in existence, but I would have done that anyway.

Totally unlike me, I followed the pattern to the letter. Used the suggested yarn (SWTC Bamboo, Tequila colorway), no added decreases or any such tweaking. Used the suggested needles, worked on it nearly monogamously for almost two months (I had very limited knitting time, I'm not really that slow). It was kind of an experiment in surrendering my will to see if I got the desired result, and I must admit, I love this top. I had a few reservations during the incredibly long blocking process (okay, that's where I felt the need to stray...) because the neckline refused to stop it's vicious curling habit, but I have coaxed it into submission, and I think this may be one of my favorite tops now. I got a very nice compliment from my charming dinner companion about it, and I hope to teach her to knit soon. That's how we get 'em.

Then, there's this.

Alpaca merino blend from Blue Sky Alpacas. Yummmmm. I know they look like a solid blue to you, but I have knit this up into the Headline News hat out of SnBN (nearly done, just the brim to go), and the subtle variations in color have me absolutely enchanted. And soft! It feels so good it ought to be illegal. Many plies have given a defined yet plush stitch definition, and when I tried the hat sans brim on last night, it was so cute, I almost slept in it. I felt I looked like one of the Super Mario Brothers One-Up Mushrooms, as all my hair was tucked up inside it.

Kinda like this, but blue and cabled. And that's a good thing, somehow.

06 July 2007

In which I photographically update you on the last several months and prove how Supremely Dorky I truly am

For those of you who wanted to see my engagement ring:
Ain't that purty (ignoring my awful cuticles)? It's about a half carat, emerald cut, near colorless, nicest representation of a compliment anyone has ever given me. And fyi, we are not setting a date, so don't worry yourselves. We have decided we are not engaged to be married, but engaged to be engaged. For a really long time. Possibly forever. We'll let you know. Don't call us, we'll call you. Can you tell I am asked this question quite a bit?

Who wants to see the move?

Washers and dryers must go up, and the apartment people have a nifty contraption for getting them into our loft, see?
It cranks your heavy stuff up to the loft, so you don't completely destroy the inside stairwells trying to move your mega appliances. Nice, eh?

There is a great little lake in the middle of the apartment complex (odd term, "apartment complex", don't you think?) and it is inhabitted by many ducks and turtles. Apparently, the ducks were hungry.

And Mom got tired. We couldn't put the patio furniture out until everything was indoors, so it stayed in the grass for most of the day.
We are loving the apartment. There is so much quiet and solitude, which is such a nice break from the giant crazy house full of crazy people. Things got a little tense at the end, there. It's good to be on our own.
In more recent events, this year marks the 30th anniversary of the original Star Wars films, and Yoshi and I, being Supreme Dorks of the Highest Order, took ourselves to Star Wars Weekends at Disney MGM. Don't we look excited? And can you tell I've got Princess Leia hair?
Well, I do.

Who doesn't love Boba Fett?Here is Yoshi preparing for Jedi training, or modelling a backpack done up to look like Yoda, you decide. I almost bought a Yoda backpack, then relaized I could never fit a sweater project into it. Socks, maybe, but never sweaters. Yoda is not a particulary roomy Jedi.

This was freaking adorable. They taught little kids a few light saber moves, then pitted them against the Dark Lord of the Sith. One kid just started whacking the poor guy, totally ignoring the choreography he had just been taught. Six year old amateurs. Got me sympathizing with the actor in the Vader costume quite a bit, because really, how many kids have maybe done this to him all day? I guess that's what he gets for turning to the Dark Side.
And then there was the dance contest. Believe your eyes, friends, these are Star Wars characters dressed up as the Village People, and they did the YMCA. But it was the Y-O-D-A. No shit. We couldn't fit him in the shot, but Greedo was the Native American Village Person. More on Greedo in a minute.
First, there is Chewbacca doing the John Travolta. I'm sorry I can't figure out how to turn him, but for crying out loud, people, I play with string for several hours a day. Haven't you figured out I am not that bright yet?

Chewy was a hell of a dancer, even for a Wookiee. We were really impressed; Yoshi actually took about fifteen pictures of this, but I don't want to use up all my blog space on it. If you really want to see, email me. Or, just imagine him doing that arm-snake thing from Saturday Night Fever. It was just like that.

I saw a Sandman give Greedo a Wet Willie, and realized I didn't know I'd ever see such a thing in my life.

There were Jawas signing autographs and inducing mayhem.

As well as Warwick Davis (Wicket W. Warwick in Return of the Jedi, in case anyone was born under a rock) and Anthony Daniels (C3-PO, you rock-dwellers).

Not as much mayhem from them, they were very nice and well-behaved.

There was this guy, who for no good reason seemed quite taken with me.

And at the end of it all, I took a moment to remember my first love.

Oh, Han, what happened to us?

Later, knitting content. Because there's progress. Hope you enjoyed all the pictures.