How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

20 July 2007


Headline News is done.
And here's a shot of the cabling.

What a fun and quick project. And the Blue Sky Alpacas is some great stuff. If only it weren't July in Florida... I could actually wear it out.

Anyone remember me talking about the Big Green Sweater Shrug Monster Thing? Here it is.

That odd looking bulge on the front there is my other arm, crossed over the front of my body. This thing is for private use only, when the air conditioning is too much for my shoulders. Just what I wanted and needed. And yes, I know it's funny looking.

Oh, and then there are these coasters out of One Skein Wonders. I wired the beaded charms myself, using about half the suggested amount of charms, and converted the knitting to stockinette. Garter just wasn't what I wanted. They go great with my new bedroom furniture.

What else? I am designing a raglan cardigan for my new nephew; I'll post pictures when there's something to see. But it looks like it will be so preppy and super cute. Gotta find some decent buttons for the sucker, though.

Going to the Midnight Magic party at the Barnes and Noble tonight, for the release of the last Harry Potter book. Yoshi's really looking forward to it (sarcasm noted, anyone?). Should be a great photo op if nothing else. Oh, yeah, and I'll get that new book...


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