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08 July 2007

Blue Skies and Lotus Blossoms

So, I finished the Lotus Blossom Tank.

Please pardon the bathroom photo shoot; I am sure the IK model never has to deal with this sort of thing.

Yes, it fits. I was a bit worried about the stockinette curl, especially along the square neckline (which really wanted to reveal more than I was willing for a moment there), but after two rounds of blocking, a bit of steam iron, and just a touch of starch, I am proud to say that this top lasted through a dinner out with an old friend, and is continuing to do so as I write this, with no signs of sag in my bustial area. Of course, I am wearing the most padded bra in existence, but I would have done that anyway.

Totally unlike me, I followed the pattern to the letter. Used the suggested yarn (SWTC Bamboo, Tequila colorway), no added decreases or any such tweaking. Used the suggested needles, worked on it nearly monogamously for almost two months (I had very limited knitting time, I'm not really that slow). It was kind of an experiment in surrendering my will to see if I got the desired result, and I must admit, I love this top. I had a few reservations during the incredibly long blocking process (okay, that's where I felt the need to stray...) because the neckline refused to stop it's vicious curling habit, but I have coaxed it into submission, and I think this may be one of my favorite tops now. I got a very nice compliment from my charming dinner companion about it, and I hope to teach her to knit soon. That's how we get 'em.

Then, there's this.

Alpaca merino blend from Blue Sky Alpacas. Yummmmm. I know they look like a solid blue to you, but I have knit this up into the Headline News hat out of SnBN (nearly done, just the brim to go), and the subtle variations in color have me absolutely enchanted. And soft! It feels so good it ought to be illegal. Many plies have given a defined yet plush stitch definition, and when I tried the hat sans brim on last night, it was so cute, I almost slept in it. I felt I looked like one of the Super Mario Brothers One-Up Mushrooms, as all my hair was tucked up inside it.

Kinda like this, but blue and cabled. And that's a good thing, somehow.


Anonymous Kelli said...

Very cute. Very very cute. :)

12:59 PM

Blogger CygKnit said...

Quite a fetching top on you, my dear. I'm so glad that it didn't sag to your knees, as was feared.

1:06 PM


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