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07 May 2007

Some Things with Which I Must Come to Terms

  1. Unblocked lace looks like crap, no matter what stage of knitting you are in. Even if it is just the first pattern repeat. Even if you stretch really, really hard. Even if you wish with all your might.
  2. There are some twenty-something young men (and some in their early thirties) who will simply never learn to pull their pants up. They will also never learn that a belt is not for holding said pants just below the curve of their ass. And there is no stopping them from walking by my apartment.
  3. I cannot make time stand still. No matter how short the rest of the row or round I am working on, when it's time to get ready for work, I must get up and do it (more like I should have done it ten minutes ago).
  4. The cat wants to escape. It is my sworn duty to prevent this and thwart his efforts at every turn and all costs, excepting of course the cost of the cat himself. I must accept that this is a never-ending battle with the cat, and he will never admit defeat or "just learn, already!"
  5. Laundry never ends, unless you do it naked and stay that way for the rest of your natural existence.
  6. I cannot make Yoshi do all the chores I set out for him in one day, even if it is only two small tasks. I love Yoshi because he does not blindly submit to my authority and I must make every effort to remember this when he tells me he was "planning on doing that tomorrow."
  7. UPS does not respond to telepathic messages to hurry up and deliver my yarn and books. Actually, they don't necessarily have to respond favorably even if I use more conventional methods of communication (like the phone or email) because I only paid for ground shipping.
  8. My desire for Yoshi to be awake and fun does not supercede his need for a decent night's sleep.
  9. Despite the rumors, stash does not breed on its own. You have to spend actual money on it. And sometimes food and shower soap are more important, depending on how many days you can go without public contact, fed on a Ramen noodle diet.
  10. Grammar and spelling skills did not necessarily sink in to the rest of the world in the same way it did me. Sometimes, one of us is wrong, and I must be willing to accept that it could be me before making calls to advertising agencies.

And breathe, and relaaaax.


Anonymous Kelli said...

So true, so true. Thanks for the reminder.

10:32 AM


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