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16 March 2008

How I survived the weekend

Ladies and gentlemen, I have just completed (da-dada-DAHHHHH!!) insurance school.

It was hard(ish). It was tedious. It was necessary. And now, it is over. Excepting of course the continuing education.

So, to make life a little easier, I'll show you some (crappy) pictures of some of the jewelry I designed. It really takes the edge off.
Giant wooden beads, pink-peach shells or rocks or whatever, and some little white shell beads you can't really see in this blurry little photo, but trust me, they're there. And that's the wire to the lamp in the corner; I may turn it into an uber-punk choker some day (jk).

I don't think I really like the memory wire. This pressed flower pendant was Yoshi's idea, and I like it a lot, so I may re-purpose it.

Okay, I can't do much more than lie on the couch for a while now, I learned too much about coverages and risk (that I never even knew I wanted to know) to be able to entertain you properly.


Blogger Heather said...

cute necklaces. Why don't you like the memory wire? Just curious. Sit, knit, forget about insurance for a bit!

8:54 PM


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