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11 January 2008

There ought to be some theme music

For something this freaking great.

Dudes, seriously. You are about to see TWO finished sweater projects on the same blog post from yours truly.
(I'll pause while you squeal with excitement and disbelief)

I know, I feel the same way!!

So, here's the Eyelet Cardigan, bought as a Blue Sky Alpacas kit from kpixie. Seriously, go shop there. They have nice stuff and nice people to sell it to you, and they were a little involved in sweater #2 we will be featuring next.

Did you enjoy my dimples? That's how excited I am to have this sweater; the usual smirk has left my face and left nothing but a sh!t-eating grin behind.

And because I don't think you can quite get enough of it, here's the rear view, with the extra added bonus of my sexy booty.

I do have one issue with it; it's a little big. However, it's knitted cotton, so I think a quick turn in the clothes dryer will shrink it up a little. Tell me if you think I'm wrong.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better...

I finished Skully (SnB) for Yoshi.

Just look at all that handsomeness, modelling that slightly lumpy sweater (no, it hasn't been blocked yet, I was too excited to take photos while it was still light out).

Yes, he's goofy; yes, he's dorky; yes, he's mine all mine. He obliged me with a shot of the intarsia.

Oh, how I love that man o' mine.

This thing was a total pain in the arse. I actually can't believe Yoshi hasn't fallen down yet, because it weighs something like ninety pounds. I ran out of yarn on the sleeves, made modifications I wish I had never considered, ripped and reworked the neck two-three-five times. But he actually likes it, which I did not at all anticipate. It's not exactly Florida-appropriate, and will be a total bastard to wash (which is why blocking is on the back burner), but he liked the way it looked, and didn't find it particularly itchy. I am flabbergasted.

And if he doesn't really like it, well, damn that boy's convincing and bless his little pea-pickin' heart for wanting me to feel good about it!

Holy ballwinders, that's a lot of in front of the TV knitting. Pardon me while I catch my breath...

Okay, so now that's out of my life. What's next, kiddies? Well, stash overhaul, of course! I think once I get sorted (in a week or two), I'll post all the leftovers here and on the Knitty Coffeeshop Forum and if anyone out there in blogland wants 'em, you can let me know. And I'll send you some loverly Dragon Treasure forthwith.

Oh, crapola, I just realized I have nothing on my needles*. Just look what the WGA strike has done to me.

*nothing on the needles does not mean I have nothing that needs finishing work or blocking, so calm down, I'm not going to die.


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