How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

22 October 2007

How did this happen?

I swear to you, I went to Rhinebeck. I swear it on my stash. And somehow, I find I did not take even one single picture. The irony of this is that Swan and I set up a photo scavenger hunt for ourselves and completely disregarded the game once we were there. Seriously. What happened? I'll tell you, it was the wool fumes.

The scavenger hunt was like so: I came up with a list of 25 things to photograph for the blogs we both maintain. We were not to tell our menfolk about it, since we were sort of plotting against them to get them to do things they wouldn't necessarily normally do. It was a secret between us, and such fun to plan. The list:

1. Either of the gents trying out a drop spindle, weaving loom, wheel, or other fiber art application not knitting. Poking himself on a drum carder counts.
2. Emerson in a basket of yarn.
3. The hottest guy in a flannel.
4. The line at the Fold.
5. At least two people we met last year (celebrities count, even Kinneared celebrities).
6. All the packages we procure lying in a giant pile.
7. Two or more men knitting together.
8. Three hand knit shawls being worn together.
9. All three of our men smiling at once.
10. Either significant other kissing a fiber bearing animal (she or I in a sweater does not count, nor does Em).
11. Any reference to knitted graffiti.
12. Me in hats (because I look so good in hats).
13. Her whole family, Yoshi and I together, and the five of us. Yep, that's a three-parter.
14. Adults baby talking to bunnies.
15. Her son in his hand knits. Hopefully a multiple-parter, as well.
16. Both men looking completely fed up at the same time. Actually, anyone's nervous breakdown will do, I think. This will probably happen when it's time to find the car.
17. Alpaca tongue.
18. Those deep-fried artichoke things from last year.
19. Dog yarn.
20. Anyone eating lamb or mutton with a live lamb or sheep in the shot.
21. Weirdest hand knitted item worn by a human (funny hats are not acceptable, but fanny packs will do).
22. She and I looking swell. I have no pictures of just us together looking really swell. Or knitting together.
23. Someone doing something to an animal that looks perverse.
24. Woodchucks. Psyche!
25. Either one of showing restraint. This one's a challenge.

Seriously, doesn't it sound fun? How did we totally disregard it? Some of the things are references to last year's trip, so if you don't get the funny, it's because you are not me or her, not because of anything you are lacking personally.

I brought Yoshi with me, and he did his best to be a good sport. Mostly, he was smart enough to carry a paperback in his pocket and to let me walk away from him without any guilty feelings. I don't expect him to get excited about this sort of thing, but he was nicely supportive and I hope he enjoyed what he could.

Swan also did something that disturbed me a little. She went onto Bloglines and showed me who subscribes to my blog. I was convinced it was just her, but apparently there are FIVE PEOPLE out there who are notified by email whenever I post, two of whom prefer to remain private. I had no idea my fan club totalled out at more than one, but I guess someone out there likes me enough to want that sort of thing. This only bothers me because I am really quite well-adjusted to being the anti-social and mostly-avoided one. So, yeah... You people are weird. I'm really an acquired taste and can be rather nasty. But hey, more power and all that, and give us a shout out in the comments (stop leaving Dee all alone in there). Hey, get really crazy and mess with my head by commenting anonymously. It's fun.


Blogger Dee said...

Yeah....what she said. Come on in and comment! It's lonely sitting here in the dark!

11:00 PM

Anonymous Kelli said...

Hello! I read you. I also harass Cyn about not posting enough. Speaking of which, you could post more often too. ;) I rather enjoy your sense of humor.

2:44 PM


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