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06 October 2007

Now this is freakin' CUTE!

No, this is not the super secret project, but it's pretty cute anyhow.

Yup. That's a baby sweater. Why, yes, that is a skull and crossbones on the baby sweater, thanks for noticing! Oh, the buttons? Here's a close-up:

Okay, it's a blurry close-up, but still... a close-up. Not long ago, Yoshi sort of volunteered me to make a gift for a friend of his at work, who is expecting his first son. Knowing Yoshi, if he likes someone enough to offer baby gifts (I know, baby plus gift plus Yoshi in the same sentence, i never thought I'd see that, either), they are probably pretty punk rock and very cool people (please realize that the term "punk rock" is one of the highest compliments I can give). Kid is due on Halloween, so really, he needs a skull and crossbones sweater to welcome him to the world, and remind everyone who sees him that he is a butt-kicking punk rock baby. I think Sid and Nancy would've been proud.

In other knitting, I have picked up Yoshi's gigantic sweater again in hopes of having time to finish it before we go to Rhinebeck. After two days, I am halfway down the first sleeve and feel pretty confident. He will be warm, dammit. I insist. Of course, the crazy thing weighs about ten or fifteen pounds, so he will probably lose some weight wearing it, but at least he'll be warm. Really, really warm.


Blogger CygKnit said...

As I mentioned to you earlier, that sweater is too cool for words. Did you design it? What are the stats? C'mon, woman! Feed my need to remember what cool was.

Also, I should mention it has been in the 80s here. Just sayin'.

5:13 PM

Blogger Dee said...

Very cute sweater. I love the buttons.

10:58 PM


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