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09 August 2007

My excuse for not cleaning out the stash

I have as yet to start sorting the stash, let alone busting out the ball winder and some sticks and getting some of the stuff made into, well, stuff.

Why am I so far behind on this grandest of all grand projects?

Well, for one I have a full time job...

But really, I have been doing my damnedest to get the Giant Space Eater out of the living room drawer. You know, the one that is not technically for stash, but for UFOs. It seemed that if I wanted to bust the stash, I'd have to make room for some WIPs, and therefore, convert some UFOs into WIPs, so they may someday be FOs. (Sorry to anyone who doesn't knit if none of that made sense.) It is Yoshi's sweater. The thing is ginormous. It is a modified version of Skully from SnB, and man alive, it takes up so much space the thing is unreal. I think finishing that alone will create about nine cubic feet of space in the stash.

Okay, I am exaggerating that just a wee bit. However, it does seem like ever since I got it back out to work on (til death or destruction, apparently), I have lost nine cubic feet in my living room, as the sweater and my modifications do not succumb well to being put in and taken out of the drawer very often and it lives currently on the coffee table, couch, or both. See, I decided that it should be converted into the round (seemed so smart to start, but wait, there's more), and that went well. To guarantee that the armholes and necklines for front and back would be even and symmetrical (as the pattern calls for), I would work the fronts and backs of the shoulder shaping simultaneously. I am now working from four separate balls of Lamb's Pride Bulky. That means that at four ounces a skein, I started with a full pound of dangling working yarn attached to the shoulders, doing all sorts of wonderful things to the gauge and potential fit of the sweater. However, I refuse to give up and am making even more, if slightly more subtle, modifications to the original pattern, like recalculating the stitches for the sleeves and completely reshaping them. If you read that all carefully, you can actually pinpoint the moment of my greatest ineptitude and stupidity.

Did you guess it? Do you want me to tell you where I went horribly wrong and complicated what should have been a simple game plan? It was where I tried to apply logic, and then insisted upon more logic to fix the problems of the previous logic. I neglected to consider my own ability to be utterly daft.

Poor Yoshi has been in and out of the sweater more times than I can remember, for measuring and remeasuring. It's been over and over with the same questions, is this armhole too tight, is the neckline wonky, oh crap look how the back hem pulls up, wait, but if we pull it down the neck does that thing again, is this seam too bulky, should I just graft the shoulder, oh crap grafting won't work it's not going to be a solid enough seam you will just have to live with the freaking three needle bind off and for cripes sake don't stretch it out!!!!

I have no idea anymore how many skeins have gone into the sweater, so I can't very well estimate it's current weight, but a bulky wool-mohair blend muscle shirt in the middle of freaking August cannot be pleasant for him. He is such a good sport, and so patient. And I think he may really, really hate the sweater when it's finished.


Blogger Dee said...

Sounds like fun and merriment reign at your house right now.

Where is he going to wear this beast of a sweater? Do y'all go north?

11:21 AM


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