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04 August 2007

The sacrifices we make for commitment

I have decided to forgo the purchase of new yarn until the stash becomes a more manageable size. Sigh.

I want to bust my stash. I need to bust my stash. The stash currently lives in two very large drawers upstairs and most leftovers in a living room drawer (please don't look under my bed, I am in denial about that). Yoshi needs a drawer back, and I want to give it to him. So, the guidelines are as follows.

  1. No new yarn purchases until the stash fits easily into one drawer. This means all yarn that is predestined for a project gets into queue and worked through. The leftovers have a separate destiny.
  2. I will go through all leftover yarn and really give it some consideration. Could it be baby booties or a hat? Knit it. Am I sick of it and never want to see it again? Rewind it into something less unruly and donate it. Is it absolute crap that I purchased from a craft store that I can't even see putting in a donation bag? Trash it. Trade it to a knitting friend, or just give it away. In any case, get it out of my apartment in some way.
  3. Are there projects on the needles that I don't intend to finish (like the purple lace scarf from a year and a half ago)? Frog. Rewind. Reconsider.
  4. Is there yarn of decent quality that I don't necessarily care for (like some of my laceweight, or some of the sock yarn)? Figure out a trade, or learn to love it. (Hey, Dee, you want a little sock yarn for absolutely free?)

Yes, this is difficult. This is hard. I may need to start several pairs of socks at once, or a lace stole I will never have opportunity to wear. Maybe two sweaters simultaneously. that means stuff won't get done very quickly at all. This is also going to involve a lot of cleaning, something I really abhor. Re-organization is not pleasurable, especially when it means I have to get rid of yarn. I love yarn; yarn is my friend. But space is my friend, too. And I need it more than I do more yarn right now.

I am committing to this as best I can. I think this is going to be harder than I anticipate, since I do so love the finishing of a project and it seems there won't be so much of that in my immediate future. Maybe I should work through it monogamously, one project at a time? More FOs in my future? Maybe I need to rethink my battle plan.

But somehow, the stash is going to shrink. Hold me to it.

Gotta go sew buttons to the little cardigan now. Then it's off to work for me.


Blogger Dee said...

Last night I heard about a group of knitters at Kinneret Apts. 407-425-4537.

They are low-income apts. for seniors and the senior citizens knit for charity. I'm sure they would be glad to take any yarn that you wanted to donate. Even the "ugly" stuff.

While I'd be glad to take your sock yarn, they might put it to even better use.

3:55 PM

Blogger CygKnit said...

So what will you do when you come for Rhinebeck? Not buy yarn?

7:01 PM


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