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21 September 2007

Yarn diet? What yarn diet?

So, I broke the yarn diet today, but it was for the best reason ever.

Yoshi and I went to see my good friend Linds and her charming live-in boyfriend Steven this week. I wore the little blue hat for all of three minutes, and we realized it would look perfect on Steven. Two seconds into trying on the hat, Steven offered to buy it off me. Hmmm...

Now, technically, since I have worn that hat to many places and things, it is a used item. And there is no way I will make a friend pay me for a used article of my own clothing, particularly one I have never even washed. So, I said I'd make him one. And then upon arriving home I got my first credit card since the bankruptcy in the mail, the one I intend to use to repair my credit and shop online (really uncomfortable using my bank card online, I don't know why), and next thing you know...

I was very restrained. I only bought what I really, really needed to make Steven's hat. And something for Linds to say thank you for having us. And a tiny kit that was on sale. Less than $100, I swear, and that includes shipping. Also, I do have the cash in the bank account to cover it, and since I have no interest on purchases until October of next year, it seemed only intelligent to order yarn today and start the journey to better financial health. See? Best reason ever. I am showing gratitude and doing something good for my future.

And by the way, Steven has an etsy shop. How cool is he?

And then there is news on the entrelac front:

This is going to be the front of the first of two pillows for the living room. I am planning a set of coasters to match, maybe felted maybe not. Maybe just a bunch of different swatches or maybe I will try some slipped-stitch plaid, or maybe I will stop having more ideas than I have spare time.


Blogger Dee said...

Your entrelac came out very neat and tidy.

I love the colors! Will you felt the pillow tops?

9:44 PM


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