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15 October 2007

So, that happened...

Had a birthday on the twelfth. Whoopee!

I am now 31. Oh, joy. It seems a bit insignificant. Thirty seemed like kind of a big deal, but also a bit too rounded. It was somehow weird to tell someone "I'm thirty". They'd be all no way and I'd be all yes way and it seemed almost surreal. Kind of like underage kids who don't think to tell someone they are a slightly more obscure age than 21. Now, I am slightly more obscure. Squee!

I ran out of yarn for Yoshi's sweater, and man alive, am I pissed. I had bought extra to begin with, and it looks like if I had followed the pattern properly, I'd need at least two more skeins. However,since I converted into the round (no yarn needed for seaming) and was going to try contrasting colored cuffs and neckline, I conserved in many places. And still, I need two more freaking skeins. Oh, well. At least Lamb's Pride is relatively cheap. Just have to worry about the dye lot. I only need to finish about a third of the second sleeve's intarsia, and then do about eight inches on each sleeve. In my next life, I will be in love with a much smaller man, I demand it. Giant feet, over six feet of height, big round heads and barrel chests are not attributes a knitter should look for in a man. Nor men who are naturally warm all the time, but that is not really Yoshi, so I don't care.

Rhinebeck in less than a week!


Blogger Dee said...

Happy birthday!

Sorry to hear about the wool! Bummer.

11:00 PM


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