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11 November 2007

Close enough to done

I think that once a project is off the needles and I can easily hide any ends that may need weaving in, it is close enough to FO status for a photo. I don't really like work in progress photos, because what if I get distracted and don't touch it for over a year (there's a stripey tank top in this phase, all it really needs is straps, may my sweet kitty Eskimo {who is an incarnation of a lesser Yarn God} help us all) and you really liked that project and want to see more of it, what then? Well, I can't not listen to my knitting instincts that tell me don't bother with that boring ass project, and I can't bear the thought of disappointing anyone with the gumption to visit here more than once, so you get the Glory of the Finished Object in the most part. If it's really fascinating me to take a picture of a WIP, well, you'll know when that happens, won't you?

Anyhow, here's the project. It's Lindsay's Lucky Horseshoe Hat. Made specially to coordinate with the hat I knit her boyfriend, Stephen, which is just Headline News from SnBN (you'll recall my little blue hat he loved so much). Oh, modelled by me, btw. I don't have a really close friend who looks exactly like me, that would be creepy.

And a detail shot.

Ends need woven in, and the brim needs stitched on Stephen's hat, but I think I can call these babies done. If they were cookies, I'd be relying on carryover to finish them right now.

Some cool facts about Lindsay's Lucky Horseshoe:

  1. I designed this myself. I just picked up sticks and went crazy, did whatever I felt like doing until it looked like a hat, and called it a day.

  2. The horseshoe cable brim is worked horizontally with a slipped stitch edge, and I had to create a jig out of floral foam and straight pins to get the graft to be just perfect. It's no mean feat to kitchener in a knit/purl combination if you've no earthly clue where to even begin, and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. The thing about it is this: in all the books that tell you how to properly graft knits and purls in the same row, the drawings of stitches are lying flat and off the needles. So, I figured, why not get those cumbersome needles out of the way? I pinned each stitch to floral foam and pretended I was duplicate stitching. So easy once I figured out what I was doing.

  3. Those are tiny baby horseshoe cables going up the crown, in case the resolution ain't so great for you. Special thanks to Ariel Barton who wrote this great article and helped me figure out how to make these wicked cute. And yes, for those with a superstitious bone, all the horseshoes face up.
  4. For those of you who simply must know, Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted Hand Dyes, US size 9 needles (straight and DPNs), whatever gauge came off the needles (I never did check).

These should be ready for mailing, say, Monday? Don't hold me to it, Linds. I do have a full time job.

Enjoy the photos and subsequent stalking of yours truly. I am adorable in hats, even when they're not mine.


Blogger Dee said...

Good job on the hat (good modeling too). You are one of the few people who looks good in a hat and boy howdy your hair has gotten long!!!

5:56 PM


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