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27 October 2007

On hold.

The trouble with going on a vacation when you work in my restaurant is that firstly, I have to get all my shifts covered by my teammates (incurring favors owed), then I have to work as much as possible after I get back to make up for all the time I took off and money I spent, plus pay back the favors done for me. All this must be done without going into overtime, so there will be much clocking out early before doing my nightly sidework. So, my work schedule is going to be crazed for the next few weeks. I hope this doesn't trigger any one's abandonment issues; I may be gone a while.

BTW, what's nightly sidework, you ask? Well, someone has to clean up the mess after you eat, and it's usually your server. We do this for what amounts to half the minimum wage an hour, because if we don't have a table to wait on, we aren't earning any money. And if you sit there for two hours after you have paid your bill and chat with your pals, you are literally taking away my ability to earn money. It's not that I don't want you to have a good time,it's actually in my best interest that I show you a good time and I am happy to do this, it's that I am at work and I need to be working to make any money. Servers aren't servers for their health; it's a legitimate profession in which I earn my rent and food and yarn money. So, please, people, recognize that the person who brings you your lunch and dinner is a person with feelings and financial needs and respect the profession. I don't come to your job and waste your time (time really is money in this industry) and I am always happy to see you at my job, provided we conduct ourselves with a sense of mutual respect.

Can anyone tell I've had a rotten night at the table waiting?

Gotta go catch up on some knitting while I have a free minute. There was a nice haul from Rhinebeck which has totally destroyed any efforts I made to bust down the stash, and I need to make about three full sized sweaters, two hats, possibly some kind of hand warming device, and a sweater vest for my charming nephew, Emerson.

BTW, does anyone remember where I can donate yarn? I posted about it once, but I can't find the post.


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