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15 November 2007

Moving on. Reluctantly.

Now that the boyfriend/girlfriend hats are out of my life, I find myself dawdling. I have so much stash... what's next? I finished the back of the Eyelet Cardigan, and am wondering if I want to cast on both fronts at the same time, or both sleeves. Then I think that it would take longer to make both at the same time and i waffle a bit. Then I think it will take just as long, if not shorter to knit both at the same time, because I tend to take a little break between bind-offs (you know, the back's done, so breathe for a day... the first front is done, so take a day off... you see where I'm going with this). Pros and cons make me indecisive, so I just think about other things to make...
Like an afghan for my Mom. But I am waffling on this, too, because I am not convinced she'll like the yarn (it's the Retro Throw from Knit Picks and I chose blue, azure and buttermilk) or the pattern or anything about it, really, because I recently found out she didn't like the Christmas present I gave her last year and she never said anything. I had to wait for my dad to make a rude comment to figure it out. Last month. So, confidence shaken, yes, and the plan right now is to take the yarn to her house on Thanksgiving and see if I can get a reaction out of her. So I don't want to waste my time knitting on it if I am just going to turn the yarn into a bathrobe for me.
So, I could work on those socks I have started... Yeah, right!
I could try stash re-organization as an attempt to get inspired, but that sounds like it involves cleaning parts of the house, and I am on strike until I get four more cents per DVD I dust.
I could get the backs started for those entrelac pillows... from September... but I never did settle on a method for them. Stripes? Solids? Some kind of bizarre brocade? Flat or circular?
What is a girl to do? I'm spinning my wheels. Suggestions, please. I'm trapped in bad attitude land and need help finding my way out.


Blogger CygKnit said...

spinning your wheels? I see the solution, here...

10:35 PM


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