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22 December 2007

Here it comes, and here we go again...

I'm sure you will all recall last year's Christmas fiasco with as much angst as I do. I have really come to dread and despise this wretched holiday, and this year is really no different. I'm not looking forward to any of this at all.
So, why do I keep doing this? My parents are coming to my apartment (just like last year! Yippee!) to do the celebrating (of what, I am not entirely certain), because I have somehow convinced them that the drive is too taxing to come to them, seeing as how in their understanding, I work every freaking day. They are trying to let me get rested by coming to me. Perhaps they don't realize how much work it is to get the place ready for them, then to recover from the visit. I think I keep moving Christmas to my place in a desperate attempt to not have a repeat of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving was awful this year, let me tell you. In ways I don't want to mention, out of sensitivity to those with weak stomachs. But, it's a Christmas miracle the new and ingenious ways that my incredibly shitty luck finds to make every holiday a new point of misery.
Hear that? It's the sound of me bracing myself. Get used to it, it'll be around for the next four days.
Oh, and I am knitting, but it's really unexciting and not at all interesting, unless Santa brings me a blocking board for Christmas. At which point we will have a new background for all our knitting pictures.


Blogger CygKnit said...

You need to go away for Christmas next year. Seriously.

10:28 PM


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