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02 March 2008

Completely change your life

Anyone wonder where I've been? I've been very busy starting a whole new life for myself.

I have, after much debate and angst, finally given up waitressing. I know, I'm surprised too, but I thought it was time to not be a thirty-one-year-old waitress. There isn't a lot of future in it, not much growth potential. I will miss it, I am sad to say. I loved the hustle, the fast pace, the way I always felt like I was a part of someone's celebration. I was a good waitress (I would say great, but I'm trying to be modest here). I could make or break someone's night. I tried to always feel like I was hosting several little dinner parties a night to keep the job enjoyable, and it usually worked. In fact, pulling off that attitude is exactly what helped me get my new job. I felt it was serendipitous.

One night, I had an absolutely lovely couple at my table. I helped them choose their wine, guided them through the menu (they had no idea what they wanted, I would never tell someone who knows what they want how to order. See, I was good.), left them alone at appropriate times, refilled their glasses without being obtrusive, you know, all those things that make a dining experience good. Just think of the worst server you ever had, and think that I did none of those things. Towards the end, they were finishing up their entrees and I could tel the lady really wanted another glass of wine even though their bottle had been emptied. i politely reminded her that I had her wine available by the glass, and would be happy to split one glass into two so she and her fiance could share. She looked at me and something changed in her expression.

"That's a great suggestion. If it's not inappropriate, can I ask if you like your job?" she says.

"Oh, sure, I love this job," I say.

"If it's not rude, may I ask if I might leave you my business card? I like to hire people like you." she says.

"Oh. Um. I don't know if it's entirely professional of me to... Sure. Go right ahead."

"Just in case." she said with a little smile.

So, a phone interview, two weeks of notice, and some training later, I call her Boss Lady and work in an industry that rhymes with schminsurance. I thought it over and decided it was time for a big girl's job. No, insurance is not terrible fascinating, but was serving steaks and cheeseburgers? It will be what I make it. I now have a desk in a semi-cubicle, get to not go home smelling like barbecue sauce, and have flip-flopped my hours from 4 to midnight to 8:30 to 5:30. I wear actual women's clothing to work instead of buying button-down oxfords in the little boys' section of the department store, and heels instead of non-slip grease resistant shoes. I have taken a slight pay cut for the time being (it's only temporary, and yes, I am still buying yarn). I have actual weekends now, a salary, decent health insurance, and the most important new thing: potential to grow. See, when you start at the bottom, there's nowhere to go but up. Oh, sure, there's out, but negativity never got me anywhere.

All this change has affected the knitting. I've only had the energy to whip out this small baby shower gift.

I present to you, Booties and Bonnet of My Own Devising. I had to make up a bonnet pattern on the fly when I got to work and realized I had brought the wrong length circular needle for the hat I was planning and knew that I had to get some work done on it right now if I intended it to be ready to wrap and go by Saturday. So, I guesstimated measurements and plotted shapes in my mind until I had a bonnet. I even threw a few short rows into the top of the head to account for some roundness. Nice little two-day project for a sweet little baby set.

As for the sewing, well. Fabric is a whole new obsession. I got myself some pink paisley and stripey quilter's cotton and some pale green corduroy, then made this bag out of that book I was raving about for a beautiful girl named Whitney.

(I swear, there's corduroy on the inside.)

It's the Tokyo Tie Bag, and I totally loved it. Loved it so much that after I gave it to Whitney, I missed it terribly and immediately went out and bought black duck cloth and printed flannel to make one for me (slightly larger).

I am crazed for this bag. It's so simple, and the little knot at the top is like a tiny geisha's obi. I did add a patch pocket to the inside of the larger one (b&w), and modified the bottom seam slightly to make it reversible, so sometimes, it looks like this.

Wicked cute, huh? Will you forgive me for not knitting? I have been swatching, I swear... and out of the stash, no less. You'd be so proud of me.

Next time, I will try to take pictures of the finished Square-Necked Blue Sweater of Death and the jewelry I've been making (oh, did I mention making jewelry?).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The bags are cute. Sewing is perfectly fine if you ask me. :)

10:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were always a great waitress.

Love the knits and sews, regardless of your profession.

11:21 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Love those bags! Congrats on the new job! It almost seems like it was destined to happen, or the timing was perfect. I'm in insurance too and while it's kinda dull, my co-workers and boss are great and so are the hours and benefits. Good luck!

11:07 AM

Anonymous kim said...

Wow, congratulations on the new job! I love your FOs, those bags are super cool.

10:40 AM


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