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08 March 2008

Yoshi needs...

According to Yoshi, all things Hawaii are good. He was born on Oahu, military brat that he was, and moved to the continental States when he was three. He swears he remembers sunsets that look just like postcards, but I sometimes suspect he is actually remembering, ahem, postcards.

But all things Hawaii must be good, according to him. Polynesian mythology. Magnum P.I. Tiki gods and hula girls. Lost on ABC. Pork baked with pineapple, pot stickers, and really, most Hawaiian cooking. Maybe he'd like surfing if we were the outdoorsy type, but seriously... we are strictly an air-conditioned couple.

So when a pair of Yoshi's pyjama pants gave up the fight to cover his arse, I knew I had to make him some in a Hawaiian print (because there is no freaking way I will knit pants for a six foot three inch man, no matter how well he cooks, and who would want that, anyway?). So, I went looking at the local craft-and-fabric mega mart for anything manly yet tropical.

It took three or four trips to figure out that there are no tiki-god prints at JoAnn's. I didn't want to buy fabric online, because I can't feel it and don't feel confident enough about it to spend some of my hard-earned on a not-necessarily-sure thing (did I mention the drastic pay cut I am currently laboring under? I think I called it slight last post, before my first check came through, with all the taxed taken out...). So I brought Yoshi with me, and he somehow found the only remotely masculine floral print I have ever seen, as well as a super easy sewing pattern for my newbie skills to sharpen themselves upon.

Anyone know how to re-furbish these to have a quick-removal rip cord without him noticing? I think Velcro would be a little obvious... ; )

He loves them. Which means, I love them. And of course, now he wants the matching robe.


Blogger Heather said...

They look great! Sorry about the paycut, hopefully things roll quickly and you jump up that ladder to higher pay!

2:09 PM


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