How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

19 October 2008

FOs for this man are few and far between.

Doesn't Yoshi look nice in his new cardigan?

I simply couldn't watch him pretend he wasn't cold all winter again. He will go out in January (yes, possibly a whole 40 degrees chilly here) in a t-shirt and jeans and walk around outside with his hands shoved into his pockets, arms held tight at his sides, and tell me I'm not cold.
Oh, please. Whatever. Darling, you have no sleeves.

Now I'll know better. That would be a truly seamed raglan cardigan (pattern of my own devising), worked bottom up, size 7 needles, with Shadyside Farms homespun yarns in Rose Grey and Cinnamon. They may or may not be at Rhinebeck this year; I am having an issue with their calendar page. Hope you find them; I won't be getting the chance this year.

Sadly, this year there is no Rhinebeck for me. Some serious miscommunication has led me not to plan to go. Yes, I am severely pouty about the whole situation, and I am a bit embarrassed about the pouting, so let's not discuss it in depth so I don't have to feel like a very small-hearted person, mmmm-kay??

Here's what I'll be doing instead:

This mitten needs a mate. Then the happy couple needs to go find itself a new home in Connecticut, where CygKnit lives, and keep her hands warm for a winter or three.

There was some dragonfly jewelry made...

I think it still needs a good bit of tinkering before I get it to lay correctly on my neck. But you get the idea., yes? Deep red cat's eye with gold dragonfly charms and embellishments.

And then there's the swatching. The really bad, mostly ugly swatching.

That's a terrible thing to do to a ball of Silk Garden, I know, but it was misbehaving. And I feel a need for chunky lace.

New job going fine, birthday was good, all else is well. 'Kay, bye.


Blogger Kim said...

Great job ont he man sweater. He looks so happy and warm. There's always next year for Rhinebeck. You go with the chunky lace! I prefer lace that's not lace weight. It gives the lace much more warmth and substance.

12:59 PM


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