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05 April 2008

Snails are the new black

I am convinced that these little snails can and will take over the world. This is actually Snail #2, as Snail #1 never made it home from work with me. I made this one for Yoshi (you can tell by the depressing colors he chose, although it was in my stash). It matches his Xmas Stocking. Seriously, these little buggers use up leftover stash (too short to use, too long to throw out kind of stuff), are quick and easy (less than an evening of tv watching), and you can put little magnets in them if you so desire.

Free pattern here. Only thing I changed was to throw in another decrease row on the shell at row 20 and I used worsted to get a MegaSnail (ha! inch and a half tall!). And I picked up some heavy duty magnets at the craft store and put one in the body of Snail #1, so he could crawl up my cabinet at the office.
I do see a few more snails in my future; they are just too cute. And seriously, who throws out a quarter of a ball of Noro Iro when there are snails to be made?


Anonymous kim said...

OMG, that magnet idea is genius. I am envisioning my fridge being overrun with snails, and the vision is a very cool one.

11:21 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE your snails. Ill see what my stash can send yours

11:54 AM

Blogger Kim said...

Lordy lordy! Love those cutie pie snails!

2:37 PM


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