How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

24 January 2007

promises, promises

i am going to post tomorrow i am going to post tomorrow i am going to post tomorrow.
Oh, yeah, remember don't drink and post? I wish I did right this very minute.
I am going to make every effort to flash the stash tomorrow. This will involve much picture taking and a confession of yarn acquisition from Saturday. Lots of yarn. I have been a bad girl.
i am really going to post tomorrow.

14 January 2007

Stitch from the stash (bit of a wanderpost)

I've been hearing a spot about stitch form the stash lately. Seems we knitters need our closet space back. There are pros and cons.

  1. I really enjoy the road trips I take to acquire stash. And I always have a few ideas in mind for what I want to buy for what I want to make (North Carolina trip had a cross-referenced shopping list along with a giant notebook for keeping track of the impulse buys). And I kind of enjoy it as stash, but if it never fulfills it's yarny destiny, than am I denying the stash it's true potential?
  2. What if I am suddenly unemployed and cannot afford more yarn? I better have a backlog of project material to play with while waiting for job interviews.
  3. Man, oh man, did I ever buy a lot of absolute crap. I don't want to be reminded of it, let alone turn it into something I will use often, but you can't just get rid of it... can you?
  4. What am I going to do with all that lace weight? I get a bit bored of lace... the purple scarf from eons ago is still at the same length as this picture.
  5. I am endlessly made fun of in my home for all the yarn I own. Freakin' muggles. If I can get one area of stash cleared out, I can prove the usefulness of the yarn and then... go get more.
  6. Is this realistic? Really, I am just going to go replenish the stash. I am saving money by leaving the stash alone, aren't I? (The answer is no, by the way. I will buy yarn if I damn well want to, and dammit, I want to.)

I guess what I should really invest in is more needles so I can start swatching the stash. There's my shopping fix, eh?

Ahh, well. I could go on all night. The truth is, I have already started whittling away at the stash, a skein at a time. Soon enough, all the yarn surrounding the hole I am making will look lonely, and I will have to go bring it home new fibery friends to snuggle with. Perhaps I should focus on stash rotation, you know, find the oldest stuff and work with it first? Send all the stuff I don't care for to charity or swap? I am open to suggestions. My current method for deciding what to work with is along the lines of "Look! Shiny! Shinyprettysoft!" and small instant gratification projects. But I tell you, the two year old silk blend is really starting to hurt my feelings.

10 January 2007


I really enjoy colorwork lately. Here's a little change purse.
Ain't it cute? The girls I work with need little bags for change and whatnot, to keep in their aprons, so I am filling the need with color. This is a slip stitch pattern out of the Vogue Stitchionary 3. It came out really cute, if you ask me.
Think I gotta do more colorwork. The interplay really intrigues me, no matter how small the item. I like the way one color next to another creates a different feel entirely. So, of course, I just cast on a small purse in one color with minimal shaping and it is possible I will run out of yarn before I reach the handles. Yes, I am a sucker for punishment. And of course, it is a discontinued yarn I can never get any more of. I am brilliant that way.
Aren't you impressed?