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26 July 2006

Hail, the conquering hero!!

Daylight hours? Check. Yoshi off to work? Check. Walter-free quiet house? Check. Ruined lace? Stitch markers, pattern, DPNs two sizes too small, tiny crochet hook, lifeline on an embroidery needle, strong coffee in favorite Pooh mug with way too much sugar for the average person to survive? Check, check, checkity check check check. Guts? Check.

Let's fix this lacey bitch.

Here we are, halfway through, where I decided to stop holding my breath for a minute and get a picture.

Now, I know what you are thinking. It's so short, why didn't I just frog it and start over? It's my first lace. I want it to be special, and by that I mean perfect the first time no matter what. So, repair. I pulled back to a plain row (purl row, rest row, whatever you care to call it) and then very painstakingly pulled each individual stitch at a time and picked up the loop it just came out of. Hard on the eyes, trying on the patience (even though it is only 51 stitches). Put each stitch on a smaller DPN to ease the stretching (went from US size 4 to DPN size 2), count, then slip all stitches onto appropriately sized needle to continue. Count. Count again. Read stitches and pattern to figure out what row I'm on, run a lifeline, and move on. Simple plan, no?
And executed well. Proper stitch count? CHECK!!

Some of the stitches look a bit wonky, but one or two tiny twisted stitches aren't going to drive me barmy like pulling the whole thing out would have.

I'd like to thank the great ladies at the Knitty Coffeeshop Forum who helped me with good advice and support. I really would have lost my mind if I'd thought I was alone in this, so Robincat, Sanny, Batty, Purler, and Fiberbliss, dear wonderful people, thank you.

I'm done now. Repaired lace on properly sized needle? Soothed knitter? Live child? CHECK!


Blogger Wendy Dorrel said...

I read your thread over at the knitty forum. :) Well done! You have given me the courage needed to pick my lace shawl back up and attempt to fix it but going back to a knit row. Fingers crossed. :)

2:42 PM


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