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14 July 2006

Pins dropping

Can you hear that? Turn off the speakers on your computer, then hold one really close to your ear; that's how nice it sounds in my house right now. Aaaaaahhh, silence.

The house is blessedly quiet; Roomie took Walter to Connecticut (yes, I am very jealous) for her grandmother's surprise birthday. She also took Swan's birthday present up to her, wrapped in a very fancy Walmart shopping bag, as well as the PL Blankie. Hope she likes it. Almost as soon as she was gone, Baby's Daddy asked me to sew a button on his pants for him. So much for independent man. He's branching out in all kinds of directions since Walter and Mommy left yesterday. Here's a shot of his newest hobby:

I am so glad he took up housecleaning instead of porn. I'm sure it was a toss-up. Anyone want to know what Roomie made her grandma for a lovely birthday gift? Here's Walter modelling it.

I taught her to knit, and she whipped out this gorgeous hat and a keyhole scarf in no time. She's jonesing for more, too, I just know it.

Oh, yeah, and I made lace. Lace is hard. Lace takes a lot of my concentration. Lace isn't for idle conversation or tv-watching time. Lace is for when I want to really focus my thoughts on my knitting. So, Lace is for Now, when I need a challenge that will also calm me. I did try out a swatch of something out of Vogue's first Stitchionary (#137, if you want to know), which turned out nice but I frogged it before I remembered I got the camera. (Oh, yeah, the camera got here. Thanks again, Mom and Dad!) This is the beginning of a scarf pattern I got for Christmas, with a Knitpicks Shadow sampler (woohoo, every color available!), and I picked the color I liked least to futz around with for my first lace project. I have to admit, I really like the way it's coming along (even though I have an inch and a half of the required 46 inches, I feel safe saying that. I will be attacked my moths any second now...).And one more thing: Ever hear of a Munny? Cute little buggers. Little blank dolls you paint and dress yourself. I have fallen hard for the Munny. They have contests at the comic book store Yoshi and I frequent for the most original and creative and whatnot, and I thought I'd give it a go. They come with four secret accessories; mine had a hat, briefcase, samurai sword and carrot. Yeah, I don't think I will need all of those... So, Yoshi bought me a Munny, and I now get to decide who it is. It's just like raising children, without the dread that they will become serial killers or develop their own free will.

I'm going to enjoy the amazing sound of silence in my home now.


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