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07 July 2006

Makes no sense

I came across this quiz on someone's blog (Zibibbo, if you want to know, see her on Knitty coffeeshop all the time and love, love her; no she doesn't have a clue who I am) and it just gets me: I can get as many as four different answers out of it when I go back and re-adjust my answers depending on how I feel in one day. And there isn't a single philosopher given back to me as my 100% match that I can say I really agree with. Huh. Either I am crap or the quiz is; which do you think it is?

I'm not posting my results because I don't agree with them. If I get one I agree with, I'll post that. But take the quiz, I implore you, and let me know if it is crap for you, as well. I take these things on an individual basis, like my horoscope, which today reads (courtesy of Earthlink):

Feeling grumpy lately? Don't fret, dear Libra, your bad mood won't last. This attitude is so unlike you. Those at work notice your change in personality, but still treat you with consideration and respect. You are fortunate to be able to draw upon a considerable wealth of kindness and good deeds that you have done over the years. Your friends and loved ones treat your mood as an aberration, which is exactly what it is.

What a pile of crap.



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