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29 June 2006

Success stories of today

I got yarn!! And it is apparently baby approved!

I decided on blues and yellows for the Project Linus blankie. Oh, and obviously white. That's what the big thing in the center is. No, not the baby, the huge cone of yarn. Casting on as soon as I finish posting... Hope it doesn't suck. If you really want to know, those colors are: Sea Mist, Faded Denim, Light Blue, Yellow, and Daisy Ombre. Walmart only had three colors in cones, white, cream and something called peppercorn ombre or some such thing, which I didn't really like at all. And they did not have the double worsted I was hoping for, so worsted it is, sorry about the extra work, Swan. But, at $1.27 per ball, I spent much less than twenty bones and am quite happy with myself.

I also managed to kitchener stitch today. I actually enjoy kitchener stitch, and it is all thanks to the wonderful woman in the videos at She has no idea how many times she has explained kitchener to me, and it never comes out right without her. And no, I have no intention of ever memorizing how to do it because she might miss me if I never came to see her again. But I always feel like I did something hard when it's done. Huh. Want to know what I kitchenered? Well, have a look at this:

Handles. On my purple felted monster. All it needs now is a little weaving in, a run through the wash, drying, and voila, finished project. I wonder who it's for? I didn't really intend to keep it for me when I started... but it has kinda grown on me, even though the purple is a bit garish. But I designed this thing myself and I have grown fond of it. Maybe I'll keep it. Maybe the next person who whines "make me something!" will get it. I don't know. But it's cute, no?

So, today, I win. Yaaaaayy!

love from the Dragon, who wins.


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