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14 June 2006

And now for something completely different

I've noticed I've been a bit whiny lately. So let's talk knitting, shall we?

My first sweater is finished up. Well, the knitting is finished up, in any case. I still need to seam it. i made To Dye For out of SnB, in Blueberry Suri Dream from KnitPicks (wonderful stuff), and the seaming is a bit daunting. I have read in too many places that a good finishing job is essential to a decent sweater, and also that seaming is a sucky task. So, I have put it off for, oh, about a month or two. My justifications are many:
  1. I live in Florida. What do I need with an alpaca sweater in June? It can wait.
  2. There's so much else to do. Working on a giant purple felted monster bag right now, as well as Skully (same book) in the largest size possible for Yoshi (I think it was sized for women, not sure), I spend a good bit of time trying to post to the blog, keep up with housework, spend time with Yoshi, and let's not forget the job. And I am thinking of casting on Yoshi's Christmas stocking today, so there will be ball winding, swatching, etc. Not to mention a few other small things I have in the works.
  3. I am nervous that I will suck at it, or that it will suck my will to live. I believe I read in one of Yarn Harlot's books that no one ever says "I just took up seaming, and it is so much fun!"

So, here is the sweater, which Yoshi dubbed Cookie Monster. Actually, when I finished the front and back and put them together and threw them over my head (Mexican serape-style), he said I looked like Clint Eastwood trying to look like the Cookie Monster.

I appologize for the fuzziness, the pic was taken with my camera phone. I am borrowing my roommate's digi cam for recent shots, as I can't run out and get my own camera right now, and she's off somewhere, so there you have it. And don't let the clever placement fool you, those sleeves are not yet attached.

The only thing I could think when I saw this all spread out on the bed was "It almost covers the bed. It would only take me three months to make a bedspread." Aren't I ambitious?.

Swan: Ambitious? Possibly crazy. But I don't blame you for not wanting to seam up the cookie monster. That's a lot of blue fuzz. (Why did that sound dirty?)


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