How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

07 June 2006

I knew I wasn't alone!!

Thanks, Swannyswanswan. I am so glad you made it to our party.

Yes, we are throwing ourselves a little party on this blog, and we are our own guests of honor. HAH!

And ain't she adorable? I love that swanny chick. Welcome, welcome home.

Cyn, the word for you is dynamic. You are changeable for most any situation. It's a survival instinct. Because I say so. You aren't a contradiction to anyone who knows you; not that you are predictable, either, but you are reliable in that you can change the plan to suit the fucked up situation I got us into. Or you got you into. Adaptability is a survival skill, and anyone who doesn't agree has never worked somewhere where a policy changed and the one jackass who couldn't take it got canned.

I will never can you.

Still waiting to hear fro the trustee about the car. My lawyer is hopeful. Still crazy about Yoshi. Making him a sweater. Yes, in June in Florida. Bite me, you naysayers!!

And one more special thanks to Cyn for getting the last picture I posted into the blog. I don't know why I couldn't do it, or how you did, but thanks. I was a cute 4 year old, eh?


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