How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

06 June 2006

And now it's up to meme

Cygnet tagged me, the crazy little critter. I asked for it. Literally, I asked her to tag me. She's the Swan who will be posting here soon, I am promised, but here's the meme:

5 things in my fridge:

  1. Baby teething rings. I live with an eight-month-old little princess. How her mother talked me into it, I have no idea.
  2. Espresso chip ice cream.
  3. Duck sauce in tiny packets.
  4. Belgian cream puffs.
  5. Smoked salmon for Yoshi's bagels.

5 items in my closet

  1. My motorcycle jacket.
  2. A magenta sweater I bought at the Portobello Road street market in London, summer of 04. I destroyed it in the laundry, but will not part with it.
  3. A picture of my brother and I, aged about 6 and 4 respectively, riding my father's back as if he were our horsey, with very big, happy, screamy mouths on both of us.
  4. Several pairs of slutty shoes I haven't worn in years.
  5. Notes for a book I wanted to write when I was twelve years old.

5 items in my purse

  1. Two pairs of sunglasses
  2. 58 cents
  3. A tiny notepad for writing down everything I can't remember. (but not one single pen)
  4. A tiny jar full of many different kinds of vitamins, Motrin, Dayquil, Midol and glucosamine chondroitin.
  5. A movie ticket from "V for Vendetta" And yes, Cyn, I only saw it the one time.

5 items in my car (and this just makes me sad, because we still don't know if car is coming home. But I know what's in it, so here goes)

  1. CDs. David Bowie, White Stripes, Violent Femmes to name a few
  2. Three of Yoshi's old leather jackets that he, um, outgrew. He's in love, of course he gained a few pounds. They were to go to the Goodwill, but were temporarily deterred.
  3. Jumper cables
  4. Lots of trash. Starbucks cups and Marlboro Lights boxes, mostly.
  5. My cell phone charger.

And as for 5 people I want to tag, well I don't know anyone else who may be reading this, so if you are not Cyn, consider yourself tagged and deal with it accordingly.

And in case you were curious:


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