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31 May 2006

The job and other headaches

So, I think I may need to do a bit of restructuring of my life. The job is giving me headaches. Let's just say, you know that problem you have at your job? And how your friend has a different problem at her job, and your other friend has a completely different problem at his job? I got all those problems right now.

In the midst of this, I had a long and lovely conversation via telephone with Cyn. The Swan who owns half this blog, even though she thinks she's too good to post to all you wonderful people out there listening to me ramble about nada. (Are you out there?) Find some time and say hi, Cyn!

So, apparently she lives in the Happy Place. You know, of "find your Happy Place" fame? And when she stopped to realize that she is living in the Happy Place, she noted that surreal happiness has indeed occured. I described her home setting to her in my most calming New Age therapist's voice: Picture yourself in a charming New England cottage. You are sitting in the garden, near the pond, watching the swans swim gracefully across the water to the small waterfall. You look through the glass in the door of the cottage and see your husband, who loves you, and whom you love. You are knitting lace, and thinking about the angora bunny you will be getting at the end of the summer, and about your job, where you just got a promotion that makes all your educational dollars spent worthwhile.

No shit, people. THIS IS HER LIFE. i hate her, too.

So, if the woman with whom I share a brain is idyllically (sp?) happy, then to balance out the world, I must be miserable at my job, live in a too-crowded house, and be ready to amputate all my knitting fingers (no offense meant to any amputees reading) due to a gross fungus that came out of my precious ebony needles. Okay, so I'm keeping all my fingers, I made that part up, but does everything else have to be such a mess? Especially when I have such a great view of how happy life can be?

And maybe I am just being jealous, and therefore blowing up the crappiness surrounding me. Even though, fair audience, I am sure you understand there is stuff going on that I am just not saying. Stuff like I had to declare bankruptcy and it all went down less than a month ago. For example. But, ya know??? It ain't so bad. Got a great man. Got a huge yarn stash (if only they would ship my needles!!!!), and many things to work on. Got a cute kitty; got decent (if plentiful) roommates. (Oh, yeah, did I ever mention that in addition to the boyfriend, we live with a small family? It's a big house.) I make decent money, plenty to support myself and have a tiny bit of fun. Crap, did you just catch me counting my blessings? I hate those stupid count-your-blessings people. Dammit.

So, on to the self-loathing for counting my blessings!! Yayy! Apparently, it's a bi-polar type of day.

Love from the Cranky Dragon


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