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07 June 2006

my turn?

Oh, God, I have to introduce myself.

I've avoided it long enough. The "I'll post some time this week" phase was lovely, and I will miss it so. "Oh, I'll post tomorrow" wasn't so bad, and bought be a bit of time. Now, though, I've passed into the "Yes I promised I'd post last week...and yesterday...and pretty much everyday, but I mean it now. I really do." Its time for me to get off the pot and post.

I just don't know what to say.

This blog, this forum? venue? is supposed to be very real. Its not like my other blog isn't real, its just that its...edited. Not too much personal stuff, and probably more than a little whining. No whining allowed around here. Why? 'Cause Lisa Dragon will smack the crap out of you, that's why.

This is a good thing, though. It keeps me on my toes, and all too often is the sanity check that I most desperately need. Sad, isn't it? I guess this is what is making this post so frickin hard.

The basics are easy: I'm enough into my 30s that I'm getting a clue, but no so far that I'm any kind of comfortable with it. I'm married to a guy that's damn awesome, but often pisses me off so bad I wish I was a violent woman. I'm in grad school to be a librarian, but as much as I like the job, I hate the classes. As much as I want children, the merest suggestion of it makes me want to wet my pants in fear. I'm not going to say something cheesy like "I'm a contradiction" or some such. Maybe something like "I rearrange the puzzle pieces of my perception a buch." Not too bad.

Feel free to start with the crap slappin' Ms. Dragon.


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