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12 June 2006

Biting the proverbial bullet

I have decided to go back into debt.

Anyone paying attention knows that I recently declared bankruptcy and am currently out a car due to the sucker falling apart on me. At the behest of my lovely Yoshi, we have decided that the best course of action is for me to borrow some of the repair payment from him and get the poor girl fixed back up, then paid back off, no matter the cost, for many reasons:
  1. Yoshi rides a motorcycle. We live in Florida. It is now hurricane season. Do the math.
  2. I still need a car. It is too heartbreaking for me (typically uber-independent) to keep bumming rides everywhere I need to go.
  3. I love that car. I love its style, its history, the way I feel safe in it. Love.
  4. We need a way to get to the grocery store and haul back a gallon of milk. No go on the bike.
  5. I need another place to store yarn, and the trunk of the Prelude is really spacious.

So, let's let out a sigh of resignation that I am just not going to have any money for a bit. And a grand apology to Swan. I now cannot afford to come visit New England. I am so sorry.

As an act of supreme retribution to her, I'd like to feature this picture of a lovely hat:

It's Pixie from Amy Singer's book, Knit Wit. I did it with Cascade 220 and Gedifra TechnoHair, and double knitting with fuzzy fluffy yarn is only for those supremely dedicated to looking this stupid and charming at the same time, let me tell you. I had so many issues with the hat (mostly because I refused to read the directions thoroughly, mucho froggissimo) that the Swan was compelled to compose a haiku:

Techno Hair vexes--
curses leap like grasshoppers;
tangle like corn silk

So there you have it.

And I refuse to ever reveal what the wretched drunken post said, no matter how you torture me. Feel satisfied with this one telling word I recall reading over and over: Hootchiemama. And that's all you get.


Blogger CygKnit said...

That ranks as one of my all time favorite pics of you. Damn cute.

And the oversize chair doesn't hurt either.

10:26 AM


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