How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

18 June 2006

Gotta love it

Go ahead and try not to love this child.
Introducing Walter, my roomie's 8 1/2 month old daughter. No, her name is not really Walter. She just looked so much like a little old man when she was a few months younger that I started telling people her name is Walter. I get such a kick out of this child almost every day, and I thought I'd share with everyone. Well, with Cyn. Because no one else is reading this.

She's so punk rock, isn't she?

Every part of my day pretty much sucked until I got home and found Walter with a mohawk in my email.

Right around Christmas Wlater's mother and I were in the malls shopping our little hearts out, and some woman stopped me to say how cute the kid is. She asked her name and I of course told her it was Walter. She made a face like she didn't know what to say, obviously she didn't want to offend me by saying Walter? Are you out of your mind? So she said "That's... unusual." I handled her in typical Dragon style. Messed with her head a bit for my own amusement then pointed out that she was being extremely gullible (not so politely, I'm sure). Since I'll never see her again, I think it's okay to make fun of her now.

So, enjoy Walter's picture. I sure as hell did.


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