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17 June 2006

Uh oh.

I am almost finished with the giant purple felted thing. I am barely into the sweater for Yoshi (need at least 18" of body, got about 2"), and the littler stuff is languishing. And I fear I am.... Bored.

Too much mindless stockinette in the round (worse than flat stockinette for the sake of being interesting) has got me aching for something else. Maybe cables? Do I cast on the lace scarf I have been wanting to try since Christmas when Yoshi got me a Shadow Sampler from Knitpicks, as well as three lace scarf patterns on which to cut my teeth? Another pair of freaking socks (with cables or lace or some shit?)?!?

Or do I do the unthinkable and try again to finally... chart the Intarsia Dragon?

Okay, I found this article in on about charting my own design. It all works out okay for me until Step #6, where the alleged "pencil tool" is used to draw lines for the graph, the layer the graph over the picture, and voila, graphed design. I think I must be retarded, because I cannot get the pencil to do what I want it to do in any way, and this layering thing has me completely baffled. Am I going daft or is there something missing in the instructions or am I simply inept or what? I am more inclined to believe that I am inept... I'm lucky I can turn on my computer most days without talking dirty to it first. So, I challenge anyone willing to let Photoshop suck the will to live out of them, try this out and tell me if it's just me. I'm talking to you, Cyn.

The dragon will go on a handbag I am very excited about. Or, I may chart out something abit more, how shall I put this without giving away the recipient's name, Swan-like for a special someone who always needs another bag in which to tote her crap.

Help! I suck and I can't get up!


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