How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

15 June 2006

Highly Mobile Dragon

I got the car back!!

acceptance speech to follow:

I'd like to thank Yoshi for fronting the cash to make this day possible, and for all the rides while we struggled through this rough time of immobility. I'd have never made it without you. Thanks to Swan for the long-distance support, you're the greatest. To Jenn and Brian, my roomies, who drove me around and refused to accept gas money, and lent Yoshi and me a car when it rained, genuine appreciation to you both. And to Mom and Dad who got really worried and tried to make me take their money (again) to help out, thanks for understanding that I just can't take your money. And to all the mechanics at Holler Honda, you guys rule!!


Not that I ever had to ride on the back of the motorcycle in the rain; we borrowed Jenn's car. But I was not really looking forward to its inevitability.

But here's a shot of Yoshi in his rain suit. Mom and Dad will be comforted by this thought about the picture: Any man willing to look like the StayPuft Marshmallow Man got radiated into orange hell in order to maintain the hightest level of visibility in the rain will take very good care of their daughter.

And it kept him dry, too. It's much poofier (not a real word) in real life.

Oh, sweet relief.

Swan: I have seen the man in the suit. You must believe that the man in the suit look like the StayPuft Marshmallow Man got radiated into orange hell. The man in the suit is


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