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27 June 2006

The attraction of charity

Oddly enough, as much as I say fuck this silly world, I am feeling a need to do something for it. There is some wee child in a Social Services mess right now who needs a blankie. Swan and I have, for the past few months, been considering making just such a blankie for just such a kiddie. Project Linus would be happy to get this blankie, and I think we just don't know where to start, so Swan, I am just going to jump right in and start it. I'll just go get some of that cotton we've been discussing, make a few photocopies of log cabin instructions, and away we go. Provided it is washable, because I don't yet know.
Just tell me if the stuff from the link is the same as the stuff you get at Walmart, because I don't want to venture into a Walmart if I don't have to. I think all Walmarts are contagious. Why can't they have yarn at Target, where everything smells sanitized? I digress... I will shop on Thursday, only day off this week, get you some gauge to work with, and cast on. Then, the shipping...
I wonder if USPS has a deal for us, since we are knitting for charity? I wonder if we can write this off on our taxes, including the shipping costs? Hmmm... I know someone who may know something about the legalities (is that a word?) of that, don't you, Mrs. Swan?
With your go-ahead, I will take my ten dollars to the discount store.

Swan: Wal-Mart does have one of them (Sugar & Cream or Peaches & Cream) but I forget which. Our nearest den of filth Wal Mart has 1 lb. cones (!!!) for $6 and change. Not a bad idea either. I do hope this turns out better than the hats...


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