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21 June 2006

Pink ribbons

Tomorrow, my co-author to this blog has a biopsy on her right nipple. I haven't heard a definite time for the scheduled procedure, but I'd like to take a moment to send her a kind thought or two, and I hope anyone reading this will do the same.

I love you, my Swan. I know you ar worried and scared, and I hope you know I am thinking about you and wishing you the best. As is anyone else reading, unless they are a cold and heartless bitch of a person who probably has all the depth of a SnoCone.

I do not pray. If there is anyone reading who does, please send a little prayer Swan's way. If you don't pray, just send her some hope and strength, and let her know she is cared for. This woman is an invaluable lifeline to me, and I love her too much to tell you all, so just know, if it was your best friend, I'd do it for you. Please take a moment to comment here so she can get a big get well card when she reads this, whether you know her or not.

From the Dragon, who worries and cares

PS A little support to Mr Swan for being good to her is a nice thing, as well. Let's not forget him; he loves her just as much as I do. Thanks. ~D

Swan: Thanks guys. I came over here this morning just to read a little Dragon. I just wanted a smile at hearining her voice in my head before I started to freak out. And then, this. I...don't have good words for how much better I feel after reading it, just thanks.
Dreaming of ice cream,


Anonymous Yoshi said...

Okay so I was told that my original statement that "everything will be okay" would be taken as snarky and not sincere and to read the post about said line. Well alright new comment this might not be much fun, in fact it down right sucks, but no matter how much the ozone layer goes away or how high the price of gas gets at least there is still ice cream.

12:51 AM

Blogger Trixie said...

Dear Swan,

I know this is a scary event, as my mother experienced a similar biopsy years ago. And any friend of the Dragon is a friend of mine, so I wish you well and good results. Besides, what woman doesn't like attention to her breasts, right? Okay, maybe poor timing for a joke, but nobody ever said my middle name was Grace. Good luck, and much good health your way!

6:01 PM


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