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10 July 2006

Your basic update

PL Blankie gets bigger all the time.

I have to stop on it now. If I don't, I will never let Swan work on it. It now measures about 10 3/4 inches by 10 inches. I'm not completely certain the exact size we wanted it to get, but I am so enjoying it that it may end up the largest size Project Linus needs, which is twin sized bed. I will need a longer circular...

Speaking of Swan, she has been really busy lately what with recovering and pain, and I am certain she would want me to let anyone worried know, she does not have cancer. Let's all do the happy, happy no-cancer dance!! If you want details, she'll have to post them herself. When she explained it to me, I was just too elated that her life is not threatened to really understand. I could spout some empty technical terms she told me, but I wouldn't know what I was saying. But Swan will live to knit and spin another day, with minimal damage to her girls.

Maybe she'll post pictures.... HA! She did tell me once (okay, more than once) that she had perfect breasts... Put your picture where your mouth is, Swan!

I am laughing hysterically at myself right now. I love you, girly, and I am glad you will be healthy for many years to come.

Other news: If I can't find deeply discounted airfare and a bit of extra cash, I can't make it to Rhinebeck with Swan. This really breaks my heart, because I hate to disappoint her more than I hate to disappoint myself. I hope she's still speaking to me.

The third annual Florida Fiber-In is coming up!! September 15-17 at some Radisson here in Orlando (like there aren't about twenty Radissons in town, right?). I got Yoshi to sign a contract saying he'd go with me... mostly, I need someone to hold my stuff. He is aware of his function as pack animal, and still signed. What a guy.



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