How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

18 July 2006

I don't really know how I feel about this...

Hey, all...
And I know you are out there. There's a site meter on the blog, and I just now decided to futz around with it, and it turns out that someone who isn't me actually reads the blog of the Swan and Dragon. Who are you people? Don't be shy, come out and say hi. Come on...
What I really want is feedback. Someone tell me I'm a snarky bitch, or that they want to know more about my midget cat or something. God, anything. Just wave from whatever corner you're sitting in, because now I know you're there! Don't just sit there and stare, say hi even if you never say anything else again. And hi from anonymous doesn't count.
I got an interesting series of emails today, from the Swan. Apparently, she went behind my back and did something so devious, I may have to expose the embarrassing pictures I have of her with really ugly men.
She bought me a plane ticket to come see her. For RHINEBECK. I was all stressed about how I was going to figure in a plane ticket during restaurant slow season (made almost $50 tonight, it was awful). And she bought me a ticket.
When I asked her how much so I could get her back, she ignored me. When I implored her to tell me, she basically told me to shut the hell up. When I asked if she will not be getting her spinning wheel because of spending too much money on me, she said she has her priorities (she is getting the wheel).
So, in honor of her generosity, I do not present you with Swan with Ugly Ex, but Swan in Funny Christmas Hat:

Oh, sorry, she's Jewish. Swan in Funny Non-Denominational Winter Holiday Hat. That's better. Doesn't she look surprised? It may be the hat.

Thanks, Cyn.


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