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18 July 2006

There are very good reasons

Here's the lace. Doesn't look much different, does it? I am halfway through the second repeat. But there's a very good reason it's coming along so slowly. Many and varied, in fact. Like, lace is hard. Even when it is an appropriate time to work on lace, it goes slow. And dropping stitches sucks like a crackwhore. But mostly, it's Henry Rollins' fault.
Here's Hank. God, look at all that seaming. Yeesh. I made him in jeans and combat boots. And actually, I realized he's going to end up looking exactly like Yoshi going to work. Huh.

Henry Rollins himself is not complete because I have multiple projects going for different times of day and situations. There is Lace, which only gets worked on when it is quiet in the house and no one is trying to distract me; Hank, who gets work when I am watching television and am not particularly interested; Yoshi's sweater (now up to 10 1/2 inches!), which is for really good tv (stockinette in the round, ya know); and there is Yoshi's Xmas stocking for when we are sitting in bed listening to books on tape before we go to sleep. My bedside project, if you will.

And then there are the shameful projects. The tank I started last summer (gasp!) only needs seaming, weaving in ends, and straps. And the Cookie Monster, which needs seaming, weaving, and a crocheted neck border. I hang my head in shame at these projects. I just can't get in the mood to seam, when I could be knitting. It's an addiction, wouldn't you say, Swan?


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