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14 September 2006

Make two.

Here's the first cabled mitt, all ready for me to finish the thumb and weave in the ends. It's actually the second one I made; I had to rip out the first one (we'll call it a prototype) because of certain design flaws. I changed to ribbing on the edges instead of seed stitch, moved the cable over so the branches would line up with my fingers, and changed the recommended increases for the thumb gusset to something I found a bit neater.
Yes, that's a safety pin on my thumb.
Oh, and then I get to make another one. Damn my symmetrical body! Thank goodness I took really good notes.
Swan is sending me a small bit of the same yarn so I will actually have enough to make the second one... yeah. Design flaws.
But it matches my Pixie hat and I'll have several FOs to wear to Rhinebeck. Swan knows that the gauntlet has been laid down and she has to wear something she finished to Rhinebeck as well, and scarves do not count.

This is what I have done with myself while not working. I think I was reasonably productive. New job starts tomorrow morning at (ack!) 9:30 AM. I wait tables, people. I do not do mornings.

But I have some lovely stuff to make footies for Rhinebeck as well... If the second mitt only takes me two days like the first did (minus a good bit of dropping stitches and picking up a damn cable that missed a twist, as well as an increase that decided to not be there), then I will have head, hands and feet wrapped in wooly goodness. And a Cookie Monster!


Blogger CygKnit said...

I should be really proud of you for having so many things for Rhinebeck. Instead, I'm awfully jealous.

11:21 AM


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