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03 September 2006

There has been a rash of FOs over at Swan's site, and I can't have her showing me up. So in an act of amazing bravery and commitment, I prepared to seam up the Cookie Monster Sweater.

Eskimo helped. It took me literally hours to get my seams the way I thought I'd like them, with many cigarette breaks and walking away from it all to watch children and eat. But then again, it took me months to pluck up the vigor to seam it in the first place, so let's remember the important things, okay?

And then we block. Well, two days later, we block. A girl's gotta work.

I know; you really wanted to see me model it. Well, too damn bad. It's all wet right now, and I wanted to get the pics up now while I have time. And I look like Lazy Sunday Morning, so no pics of me, sorry. I assure you, it makes me look like the Cookie Monster.

And no, I have not yet secured myself some employment. I was busy finishing the sweater. Priorities, people!

So, what have I learned? Finishing ain't so bad; don't try it under any sort of influence, though, and that includes both chemicals and your cell phone. Treat it like driving. Knit Picks Suri Dream leaks a little dye when washed, so block on a towel that matches the color. I look pretty cute as the Cookie Monster (you'll have to take my word for it). Yoshi can get me Christmas presents that are great for a really long time. Hands down, the best present ever is yarn. And wet alpaca yarn smells like (you guessed it) a wet alpaca.


Blogger CygKnit said...

Holy crap, girl. Its awesome. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Can't wait to see it on.

5:05 PM


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