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15 August 2006

Late summer ennui

I'm tired of hot. I know the rest of the country is dying in a heat wave and that of all places Sunny Florida is having a "normal" summer, but damn. I am tired of hot.
I am also tired of the temperamental central air in our house that doesn't realize that it is 65 degrees near the thermostat but 90 in my office.
Did a good bit of work on Yoshi's Xmas stocking last night. It is the Curly Toed Elf Slipper from Weekend Knitting, and yet again, patterns are not my friend. Couple things about it:
  1. Gauge. I could only achieve gauge by doubling up the Noro Big Kureyon I chose for it, with the help of great yarn ladies in NC. It does say in the pattern, "use doubled throughout", so you may be thinking it's my own fault that I couldn't get gauge, but if you could see my copy of the book, you'd know. It's placed in an odd place to be telling me that the only way I can get gauge is to double up my yarn.
  2. Toe instructions. It tells me to kitchener the toe closed and the pick up stitches around the graft and make the curl. Fine, but why kitchener shut stitches that I am about to pick up? Why not just knit on?
  3. Um, that's as far as I got. I'm sure there will be more later. The self-striping Noro is really nice, though.

There are a pile of projects that need finishing work (Cookie Monster, Last Summer's Tank, Henry Rollins) and I just can't bring myself to work on them. Lace is sitting her happy ass in the drawer in the living room, patiently awaiting my return. I haven't touched her in about a week. Jenn is extremely excited about making jams and stuff and dreaming those big dreams about selling it, but I hate to reality check her. Really, we've made four things, and she wants a store front? Come on... Although those four things, really tasty. Strawberry lemon marmalade, carrot cake jam, watermelon jelly (which smells like vinegar but tastes like watermelon), and tomato sauce.

And we still have caterpillars, they don't care about dish soap at all.

I just want to nap until September, is that okay?


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