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27 July 2006

Swans getting older.

I just want to make everyone (or anyone at all) aware that Swan is having a birthday on the 30th. I got her something special that I can't post about because she will read this, but it is wonderful and she will love it. If anyone wants to know, check back in a few days and you'll see pictures. The stuff she knows about is:

A needle case that the Roomie and I made for her. Okay, Roomie has all the sewing machine skills, but I bought the materials and she put it together. She already has it, here it is.

(I have one like it, but brown outside and blue inside. Hey, fabric comes in bulk, people.)

She is also getting some of the stuff I dyed myself; two of the colors are headed north.

A home movie of my stash. It's an inside thing.

Plus, a fabulous surprise.

If anyone wants to send her something, check out her blog and send her an e-card, or an email gift certificate to a great yarn shop, or contact me through my blog and I will collect donations toward her spinning wheel. Or, hey, we could just agree on a shop near her (Connecticut) and send her a gift certificate to there.

She deserves it. And I know she'd do this for me come October 12. Hint, hint, Swan.

And I promise, I will get a picture of Roomie knitting the Walter Halter. I'm so proud of her, I could bust open, but then she'd have to mop up, so I'll keep myself contained.


Anonymous Kelly said...

I have an idea for Cynthia's birthday! You can send me and email at thegabbyknitteratcoxdotnet

9:21 AM

Blogger NeedleTart said...

Hi! I read Cynthia's blog every day and popped over from there. It's her birthday, really? I'll be sure to send something.

11:39 AM

Anonymous JessaLu said...

I wanna know Kelly's idea! ;o)

4:26 PM


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