How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

04 August 2006

We hit the beach for some hot SEX!

Stash enhancement expedition, that is.

So much to say... Yoshi and I made a short trip out to Cocoa Beach (about an hour away) to check out a yarn shop I hadn't seen yet, All Strung Out. Nice lady, Gail, who owns and runs the place, immediately thought she knew me. Alas, no, there's no way she could, because I live under a rock with lots of yarn. Her shop, complete with the Colinette Wall:

The careful observer will notice Yoshi's arm next to the Colinette. Who knew he had such expensive tastes? Ms. Gail said he was such a great catch to sit quietly while I picked out yarn. I told her she was right.: Here's how happy Yoshi was to go to shop for yarn an hour from home:

He's singing. No, really, singing. Not crying at all.

We went for lunch at a place on the beach where the waitress actually hit him with a menu. On the head. On purpose. Yeah, he liked it. I told her he would after she accidentally stepped on him.

So, here's my treasure from Cocoa:That's about 1200 yards of green silk. Sweater baby, yeah! And impulse sock yarn. Evidently not well-thought-out sock yarn, as socks drove me mad, black yarn makes me barmy, so the obvious conclusion was black sock yarn. I am so brilliant, it makes me nauseous just to think about it.

Other random bits: I was lately defeated by a Slim Jim wrapper, found a meat market/produce stand with the weirdest stuff outside an Asian grocery store I've ever seen, was extremely saddened by the end of You Knit What? , offended someone I don't even know by not caring what they think of me, and I am still homeless for Rhinebeck. Cyn and I need to get on a room, asap.

Speaking of Cyn, where's the PL Blankie?


Anonymous Yoshi said...

I did not like being hit in the head.

10:49 PM

Anonymous Yoshi said...

Or being stepped on.

10:52 PM


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