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18 August 2006

The return of the PL Blankie

I woke up this morning with a craving to warm up the world with garter stitch. Fortunately, Swan sent the PL Blankie back to me this week, so I threw on any old pants I could find and camped out on the couch for some me-time.If I look like I just woke up, there's a very good reason for that. I have developed a habit of taking the shirt Yoshi wore that day to sleep in. It's already warm against the cold sheets, smells like him, and it's just nice in general. So, yeah, that's why I look like that, in Yoshi's shirt, in which I slept, and yesterday's jeans.
Good things are happening. Along with the PL Blankie, Swan sent me some size 4 DPNs (Brittanys, no less!), and some gorgeous beaded stitch markers. Also a Chibi with tapestry needles (she's trying to get me to weave in her ends on the blanket, I just know it), a magnet, and two balls of super cheap bright red cotton to make Yoshi's mom a hostess gift in the event I ever meet her. Someday. Thanks, Chicky, but we have a bone of contention between us, don't we? I'm calling you out.

So, what's up with the ends, Swan? The rules for the project are as follows, as I sent them to her in a letter with the blanket:

You will have either two or three weeks (your choice, but let me know soon) to get this sucker back in the mail. Do as much as you can or care to, but here’s where the challenge is: Notice, I didn’t weave in any ends. You weave mine and I weave yours. That way, the challenge is to send me more grunt work than can I send you. It’ll get harder as it grows to do more than the last, but that’s why it’s a challenge. If you don’t like this idea, send it back with all my ends just a-danglin’ free and I will take the point. If you go over your two or three weeks, you have to weave your own damn ends and send me a present, and vice versa, and no, there is no grace period.

She went over her time limit and sent me presents. She did weave in my ends, but left me hers. Do I be big about it and just weave in her ends, or do I send it back in three weeks expecting her to do it all? I get the feeling I'm going to be extra nice to my friend. So, I hope everyone enjoys me pouting about it. Really, if this is my biggest problem, I'm doing okay.

Other good things happening: Had a good night at work Wednesday (which led me to not go apply elsewhere Thursday), made Yoshi peanut butter banana French toast, as well as a ham and cheddar gratin (he loved both), drank too much coffee, ate a lot of carrot cake, played in the book store, bought a good bit of junk food, got romantic with my man, started a pretty good book, and yeah. Just enjoyed. Life is not bad.

Except for the caterpillars. Apparently, their lives could be better, because they don't seem to be hanging out on the tomato plant any more.


Blogger CygKnit said...

Huh, I forgot about that part about weaving in my own damn ends after the date. Should have sent more presents.

3:20 PM


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