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16 August 2006

So close to FOs that I am avoiding my real issues

Had a long talk with the Swan this evening about the ennui. There's just too much to it that I don't want to say here in the interest of protecting the innocent (me, etc.) or not so innocent (not naming names, defeats the purpose, eh?).
So. In order to not discuss what I have already discussed, I kitchenered the Xmas stocking and did an assload of embroidery on Henry Rollins' face. And the back of his neck, and his arms, because that guy has a lot of tattoos.
In order to not get the eye to suck back into Henry's head, I came up with a Brilliant Plan. The Brilliant Plan was to stitch a small square of Aida embroidery cloth to the inside of Hank's head to provide stability and utilize the tiny holes to hold the French knots onto the outside of his wee head. And it worked!

I also duplicate stitched his hair on, which in practice did not go as planned. However, if one examines very recent images of Mr. Rollins himself, one will notice that the man is gone quite gray, so I left the patchiness in, in keeping with his recent changing of hair color. Oh, and lazy. Don't forget that I'm lazy. To make up for that, I added more of his tattoos.
Ooooh, sorry about the horrible picture....

I think he's charming, and hope Yoshi agrees. As of writing this, he is still at work, and has as yet to see the glory of the Search and Destroy punk rock icon of doom.
Just need to sew his legs on, stuff and seam him. Yay!! Yay weaving in ends as you go!!

So, the Xmas stocking...
Despite not knowing why, I kitchenered the toe shut. Maybe it as something to do with picking up the toe curl stitches from the sides, I don't know, but against my instincts I followed the directions. And it's... not bad. Need to do the toe curl and fluffy cuff, fluffy yarn pictured next to the stocking. See how nice the Noro looks? And how cool it's gonna be with the blue-grey fluff? Yeah.

OKAY peoples, I have been fighting Blogger for two days now to get the pics onto this post, so appreciate it, damn you. Seriously, I finished these things Tuesday. Yoshi loved Henry Rollins and the stocking still needs a curl and cuff. Hey, a girl's gotta go to work someitmes.


Blogger CygKnit said...

Joey is very sad that I suck so bad. He wishes I'd get off my ass and finish him. And a knit bottle of booze, too. Demanding little bugger.

Glad to see life (and Blogger) aren't sucking so bad.

1:01 PM


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