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20 August 2006

Starting again

I am getting to that dangerous point again, where I need to cast on a pile of stuff or tempt fate and be killed by too many FOs. What with the stocking so close to finished, Henry as well, and Yoshi's damn sweater boring me to death, I need something interesting. And the lace, well....

The lace is sitting at the bottom of the UFO drawer as we speak. The conditions needed to get some actual progress made on the lace occur so rarely that I have nearly given up on the poor dear. I keep thinking "Why didn't I make a bookmarker instead of trying for 46 inches of damn lace?" So I think I will start a rash of bookmarkers. I think Jenn can get into this, as well, because she wants to branch out a bit and I have so much crap yarn for her to swatch up with. Not to mention the leftovers. Every once in a while, Yoshi will ask me what I can do with the rest of a ball of yarn once I've completed something, and this may soothe his worried mind about the waste. But the lure of the Stitchionaries is powerful stuff, so I think Jenn and I should just start swatching. Cables! Lace! Funny shapes! Stripey checkerboarded goodness! Excitement and instant gratification!

Save the sweater for TV watching; I need something random and short and suitable for my spazz attention span.

We could start a whole movement of short-attention-span knitting. We could dye up some KnitPicks and make a thousand little strips of fabric in our own original colors to give to anyone who knows how to read. We could revolutionize the multi-tasking world with our do one thing at a time and do it REALLY REALLY WELL. We could focus. We could learn. We could never make huge ass sweaters again!

Ahh, pipe dreams.

Better go make some progress on the stupid scarf before I put on a beret and start resisting anything. Sigh.


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