How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

29 August 2006

Sometimes too much stuff happens all at once and I don't get to update here about all the goings on and then you are all uninformed. Sorry.

First off, there was a scorpion.
He was tiny. But still, a scorpion, and any scorpion is big enough to scare me, as I have never seen a scorpion outside of movies about cowboys in the desert. Not possessing a revolver, horse, cowboy hat, or even enough rope to hang a man for cattle rustlin', scorpions do not fall in my general catalog of everyday creatures. So, after the scorpion, there was a bug guy.

Then, there was a dish towel. A simple humble dish towel, so I can feel prepared in the event that Yoshi ever introduces me to his mother. Don't get me wrong, she lives far away and Yoshi barely sees her himself, not even holidays, and that is why I haven't met her in the year and a half we have been together, but still. I am important to him, and to the rest of the world that means I get to meet your mother. I understand it's just the convenience factor and he's not really a family oriented guy; and I love him for being different from the rest of the world. But really, I've been his girl for a while now, and I think that once it had been a year I should have some sort of hostess gift for her when I meet her. It's only polite.

He tells me she likes red things in her kitchen, so red cotton textured dishtowels seemed nice. If we break two years and I still haven't met her, I fear I may need to make her hot pads, as well. I am dreading the inevitable tablecloth.

Walter and her lovely mommy are still cute. Walter has managed to not destroy anything of mine lately. Oh, except my willingness to concieve a child of my own, but that is just maintaining the status quo. She's the best birth control I've ever been on.

And then there is the job. I am sad to say I have no pictures of me quitting my job; you will just have to trust me that it happened. YAY!

I went to the computer yesterday to see about updating my resume, and found it did not exist. I imagined it must be saved on my old computer, which was being stored at my parents' house (about and hour and a half drive away), so I called in the reinforcements (read: Daddy). He tried to hook up the ancient thing and see if he could find it, but for no good reason, the thing wouldn't turn on for him. So he drove all the way to my house this morning (gotta love a good Daddy) to bring it to me so I (read: Yoshi) could futz with it and see if my resume could be recovered out of it. Still, no go. So, I either have to make up a new resume and dredge up all that detestable history, trying to remember the name of some crap manager I had who I disobeyed in the name if good common sense or some address that I decided ages ago was best left forgotten (why else would I have forgotten it all? Maybe it was the drugs...), or I have to job hunt without it. Restaurant work is pretty easy to come by without a resume, so I put in an application today somewhere where I have a friend. It is unfortunate that I can't show documented proof that I can do a decent job, though.

Whatever; I can't be bothered with it with all this new yarn lying around.

Look how purty! Spring colors, and sock yarn. Swan just sent me sock needles, so I thought I'd give 'em a whirl. I'm thinking a slip stitch colorwork pattern or something. Not stripes. Maybe Fair Isle. Hmmmm. Ideas?

After I reconvened with Jenn (she hung out at the bookstore while I had my job interview), we felt our traumatized souls needed some good lovin', of the kind only delivered by the LYS. So, of course, while I am between jobs and can't really afford it, I had to indulge myself with some sock yarn. Walter had a great time at the yarn shop, btw. Lots of pretty colors and soft, soft, soft for her. Fortunately, the owner is really nice about babies in her shop, and was very gracious about the tiny terror trying to drool on the mohair.

I am also sad to say there are no pictures of Walter drooling on the mohair.

Jenn got some ridiculously soft baby blanket fodder, too; I am going to write her a pattern myself with log cabin techniques and minimal futzing. We're psyched.

Oh, and apparently there's a hurricane on the way. Gonna go stock up on batteries and beef jerky now. We've got emergency yarn, don't worry.


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