How to drive someone crazy from 1100 miles away

21 August 2006

Nuff said

You know, I hate to waste this. Blogger actually uploaded this picture on the first try tonight (not that I didn't try several times this afternoon), and all I wanted to say about it was, look how cool Henry Rollins is. Doesn't he look like he's ready for an interview, with his little smirk and his cute jeans?
By the way, for extra crafty props, I refinished that chair myself. Yeah, that is dragon brocade on the seat, what else would it be?
I rock. I'm going to go find something else to do now that will make me rock even more. And not in that creepy way the criminally insane rock, either.
And Henry would really like it, Swan, if Joey Ramone could perhaps sprout a head and come out to play.


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