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07 September 2006

It's taking over!

This house is an unholy mess. And it's all my fault. I can't even blame Walter for this one; she's not allowed to play with the yarn.

For goodness sake, just look at all this yarn. It's insanity. There are two UFOs, an FO, and a lot of sock yarn here alone. As well, there is the PL Blankie that I was supposed to send out two days ago. Yeah. I suck. Also, that drawer is full of yarn, needles, and other crafty stuff.
Then there's the other end of the couch, with yarn catalogues, books, a box from Swan, and the finished Cookie Monster on it.

There's the entire coffee table (which is humongo, btw, and has really big drawers full of... you guessed it.). It currently supports no less than five pattern books, two UFOs, DVDs, more yarn catalogues, a book of graph paper I was using to design my new cabled mitts, and God only knows what's under all that. And of course, the drawers are in an even worse state of disarray, which is why this stuff isn't in them. Out of shame and a sense of human decency, I will not subject you to a picture of an open drawer.
There is the pattern library, which even though it looks fairly full, is not. Half my pattern and knitting books are all over the house. Oh, and there is another box from Swan that is conveniently holding all the great stuff she sends me, as well as a plastic bag full of paints for the Munny and some stickery-type stuff for it. You will notice, it is on top of a chest of drawers. Go on, guess what's in the drawers. You're probably right, unless you are ridiculously stupid.

I really thought that being unemployed meant I'd clean all this crap up. HA! So much for that great plan. Instead, I've played around with some designing, cabling up some fingerless mitts to match the Pixie hat for when I go to Rhinebeck...

That is one half day's worth of work. I'm pretty excited; I've never cabled more than a swatch.

I also had to play with Walter and style her hair.

She looks like Cindy Lou Who, doesn't she? And just so you know, her T-shirt says "Daddy drinks because I cry."

In other Walter news, her halter is finished... and really, really big on her. We're going to put a box pleat into the back so we can just rip it out when she gets bigger, but still wear it now.

Seriously, though. Jenn did a nice job, and was a bit heartbroken that it doesn't fit properly. We haven't re-checked gauge yet, but I'm sure we will just as soon as I clean up my entire house.

I did, by the way, wonder to myself why I was taking pictures of my entire mess rather than clean it up. It's because procrastination is a strange sort of virtue, and I wanted to do it as creatively as possible. Not because I'm really, really lazy.

And just so you don't think I really suck that bad, I do have a second interview today at my first pick for a new job. I nailed the living crap out of the first interview, and will be working again soon.


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